Brady Bunch - Treasure of Mystery Island - Jack Matcha


The Brady Bunch - The Treasure of Mystery Island
Jack Matcha

Follow TV's Brady Bunch as they solve The Treasure of Mystery Island!

The Brady's take off for Mystery Island and what is supposed to be a relaxing, fun vacation. But unknown to them, there are mysterious forces at work on the Island and it isn't until they arrive that they find out about a missing treasure.
Then it's up to the family to solve the puzzling riddle and find out the real truth about the Island

Don't miss this first, thrill-packed Brady Bunch adventure.
Follow the family as they take off in pursuit of a pirate treasure that is hidden in a maze of caves on Mystery Island.
And along the way, they encounter some obstacles that they never thought they'd ever run into!

Excellent used condition, with a light spine crease, and light corner and edge wear (see pictures).
125 pages, including four black & white photo pages
The Laufer Company, for Tiger Beat; 1972

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