Fantasy Island


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Fantasy Island
Jane Seskin

There's only one rule on Fantasy Island: You get what you want, whether you want it or not!
It was a glittering jewel set in a crystal sea... a lush tropical haven designed by its creator to satisfy every conceivable human desire.
For Roarke, its handsome and dynamic "proprietor," it was the culmination of his own dream come true...
For Tattoo, his feisty assistant - a tiny man with gigantic appetites - it was the world's most romantic playground...
For Jack Kincaid, one of pro racing's top drivers, it was the perfect place to face down a nightmare - by recreating the race that nearly killed him a year before...
And for beautiful Renee Lansing, New York's highest priced pleasure girl, it was a desperate chance to be somebody else at last - herself!
Join them all on Fantasy Island!

Excellent condition, with very light creasing to covers (see pictures) 
Columbia Pictures Television, first edition, October 1978

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