Drumheller Pin - More Styles


Welcome to Drumheller, home of the hoodoos, dinosaurs, and some killer restaurants! Check out Yavis' for brekkie, Whiffs for lunch, and Old Grouch's for dinner! Yummo!
1" by 5/8"
Enamel & metal; vintage 1980s

Dino Golf & Country Club
3/4" across
Comes in two styles; vintage 1980s

Coat of Arms
3/4" by 1"
Enamel & metal; vintage 1980s

7/8" by 1/2"
Enamel & metal; vintage 1980s
All of our vintage jewelry is cleaned with a non-abrasive hospital grade virucide, with virucidal, bactericidal & disinfectant properties.

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