Hawaii United Airlines Hula Girl Print


The ultimate in Hawaii Hula girl kitsch, this print is a 1970s reproduction of a series of vintage travel posters, featuring United AIrlines advertising!

Just like the steamship companies, the airline industry found in Hawaii the perfect destination!
Who wouldn't want to visit the paradise that clever advertising companies were marketing the world over?

In 1929, Inter-Island Airways - later known as Hawaiian Airlines - began flying between the islands, and in 1935 Pan American World Airways established a regular route, with its China Clipper, a so-called flying boat, made by Boeing.

With the arrival of large-capacity airliners, especially the "Flying Clipper," travelling between Hawaii and the American West Coast was brought back from six days by ship, to eighteen hours by plane, and at roughly the same price!

This vintage advertising 1930s advertising, reproduced on this beautiful 1970s print, is bold and beautiful, exactly like that retro advertising that we all love!

Print is professionally matted, and perfectly suitable for framing. Measures 11" across, by 14" long, including matting, and includes a bonus information sheet.

Perfect condition, with no marks, bends, discolouration, or other signs of damage.
Ships in a waterproof plastic sleeve, with secure boarding to prevent bending.
Vintage 1970s.