Sliders - The Novel


Sold Out

Join Quinn, Wade, Professor Arturo, and the Cryin' Man for some dimension-silding fun! Get your retro read on, with this nostalgic blast from the past!
What if ... it's Earth, it's 1996, but Michael Dukakis is the president of the United States?
What if... it's Earth, it's 1996, but Elvis is still alive and performing in Las Vegas?
What if... it's Earth, it's 1996, but you suddenly have a new stepfather?
Quinn Mallory and his friends are about to find out - taking the ultimate "slide" through parallel dimensions of Earth. Each time they step through the strange portals Quinn opens, a new present-day San Francisco awaits. Sometimes fascinating. Sometimes frightening. Always dangerous...
234 pages of retro awesomeness, in excellent used condition. First edition, April 1996.