Sweet Valley High Super Edition - Winter Carnival


A winter wonderland... Get your retro read on, with this blast from the past!
Winter's here, and everyone at Sweet Valley High is excited about the upcoming Winter Carnival. It's a very special weekend at a mountain ski resort, with ice skating, skiing, sledding, and a spectacular ball.
But Elizabeth Wakefield's got the midwinter blues. She's especialy upset with her twin, Jessica, who's been avoiding chores, and borrowing clothes without asking. Elizabeth is so sick of Jessica's inconsiderate attitude that she sometimes wishes she never had a sister! And when Jessica's string of broken promises threatens to destroy Elizabeth's romance with Jeffrey French, it looks as though the Winter Carnival will turn into a snowy disaster!
Join the Sweet Valley High gang for their midwinter break at Winter Carnival!
218 pages of retro awesomeness, in excellent used condition! First edition, December 1986.