Mother of Pearl Heart Earrings


 Stunning mother-of-pearl hearts shimmer, and are set in highly detailed silver plate filigree settings! The perfect earring for your sweetheart! Hung from a pretty rhinestone stud, also in a detailed silver plate setting, these earrings have beautiful filigree backs, and pierced surgical steel posts.

Earrings measure 3/8" (1cm) across, by 1 1/8" (2.8cm) long. Excellent condition, with no loose or missing bits, no chips, cracks, bends, scratches, discolouration, or other signs of wear! Perfect, and perfectly romantic! Vintage 1980s.

All of our vintage jewelry is cleaned with a hospital-grade virucide, with virucidal, bactericidal and disinfectant properties.

All of our items are either one-of-a-kind, or made in very limited quantities. If something catches your fancy, scoop it up before someone else does!