USA - Illinois - Chicago - Coliseum Postcard

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Welcome to Illinois! From Rockford to Carbondale, Springfield to Shelbyville, come see all there is to see! This bright and beautiful postcard from the Divided Back Era features the Coliseum, including beautifully dressed folks outside, and vehicles of the day, in Chicago, Illinois!

Card was made in the US, and produced by the Hammon Publishing Co. Written and postmarked, March 28, 1910.

Grade 3 - Excellent condition. Average condition postcards have more corner and / or edge wear than Grade 2. Corners may have a lot of wear or roundness from wear. These cards may also have a lot of yellowing from age or from being in an album. Very tips of cards may have slight indentations from wear. There are no creases in the card at this grade.

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