Will Power! A Biography of Will Smith


Will Power! Get your retro read on, with this nostalgic blast from the past!
Hip, flip, and smart as a whip, Will Smith is living the American dream - but it didn't come easily and it wasn't free. Pursuing a music career, he rapped his was to Grammy-winning fame and fortune before he could vote. He talked his way into a tv series before his 21st birthday. And then, he got serious - as in a seriously successful, stereotype-smashing, big-screen star.
Along the way, he carved out a place for himself on the American pop landscape, and in the hearts of millions of fans. But the young star of Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Bad Boys, Independence Day and Men in Black paid a hefty toll for his phat success. He lost friends, he lsot money, he got dissed his relationships suffered.
How'd he put it all back together as Hollywood's newest, hippest action hero? It's all here - Will's whole, true story of the big ups and devastating downs, plus the real price of fame and how he paid it without losing his fans, his family or the faith. It's Will's World - Welcome to it!
150 pages of retro awesomeness, including swanky colour photos, in excellent used condition. First edition, May 1997.